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Welcome to the Tales of Legendia community! Here's the place for fans of Tales of Legendia to post fics, fanart, icons, chat, ask questions, create discussions, and more.

Administrators: tasoka and honorbound

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  • You're allowed to make an introduction post- in fact, it's encouraged. It's the best way for members of the community to meet~ Feel free to mention your favorite character, pairing, etc.

  • Be tolerant to other people's pairings! Not everyone will like the same characters and pairings as you. Also, this community is accepting towards slash (male/male), femmeslash (female/female), het (male/female), and gen (no pairing)!

  • No flaming and no trolls. Also, try to keep posts related to Tales of Legendia.

  • If there are spoilers in your post, remember to put a warning and put it under an lj-cut.

  • When you post fanfiction or fanart, remember to put it under an lj-cut. Please use the following format:
    Characters (if specific ones):

  • Please put four or more icons under an lj-cut. Put all pictures and stories over drabble length (150 words or less) under an lj-cut.

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